We are looking forward to meet the best

We are looking forward to meet the best

  • We love this

    We like to help our employees grow and improve their skills. This makes us happy.

  • Together we're invincible

    Our team is a family and our power resides in the team. Do you want to join the invincible? VIVA!

  • We are big

    Our attitude, work and customer service make us a great company to work for. Size does not really matter.

Are you one of them?


PPC & SEM Specialist Account Manager

Do you consider yourself an Expert using AdWords Editor, Facebook Power Editor, Bing Editor, Google Analytics, and other Digital Paid Media tools? Do you close your eyes and see keywords and audiences, KPIs and conversions? If so, perhaps you are one of us.

At Viva! Conversion we are always looking for talented Digital Media Specialists. If it is your specialty and you are considering a change, do not hesitate to contact us.

We offer a position as a digital media consultant to advise advertisers on the most efficient strategies that drive their ROI. We are looking for people with experience managing Bing, AdWords, Facebook, Linkedin, Programmatic accounts with a minimum of € 15,000 investment per month for several years. You should also know how to make the most of tools like Google Analytics, AdWords Editor, Bing Editor and Keyword Planner.

In addition, you are required to have a university degree in ADE, Engineering, Economics, Audiovisual Communication or Journalism, or even all: O. You must have a good English, in order to be able to hold professional meetings with different providers to discuss different and complex issues.

If you think you have the skills to become one of us, leave us your CV. You will apply for a position with a competitive salary (above the local average), indefinite contract, and a good work-life balance.

We are a happy team (family). We are close and pleasant people. Do you want to join us? You will love working here!



Internship PPC Manager

Are you a recent graduate who is quick to learn and has a keen interest in the world of digital marketing? Do you like numbers and feel comfortable with math and statistical analysis?

Are you restless by nature? Do you have a high level of English that allows you to have a smooth conversation about complex subjects? Have you studied ADE, Economics, Engineering or Communication?

If so, we may have a place for you in our paid internships with the option to be hired indefinitely.

Do not hesitate, send us your CV and we'll get in touch.



We would love to meet you!

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