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To avoid wasting money in PPC campaigns, not only it is important to manage online advertising platforms. It is also necessary to know the sector and have success cases.

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Our team is crafted by professionals that come from Google, Booking, NeoOgilvy and other digital companies in the sector. It is a team in which have entrusted Business Centers, Universities, Educational Groups and Academies. We offer an outstanding service to our customers!

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We promise you hard work, closeness, great customer service... but our goal is that you sell more and better. It's that simple

We help EDU institutions improve their online students acquisition efforts

Paid advertising campaigns for the Education industry

We remove entrance barriers in search campaigns

We focus on CPC optimization and branding

The educational sector has by nature very high CPCs due to the enormous competition and high return that make it possible for market leaders to pay high amounts for users who visit the web.

To deal with this, we propose advanced strategies for retargeting and improving the Ad Rank through a thorough work on keywords and ads, as well as the experience on the landing page (CRO).

However, we can not forget that positioning is fundamental. The presence of a brand is mandatory to reinforce the user in all stages of the customer journey through multichannel branding campaigns.

Real tracking in complex purchasing processes

We establish a system to measure the success of the different channels participating in the purchase process

The measurement of success in paid advertising campaigns in the education sector is an arduous task, due to the number of stages that make up the purchasing process and the different channels that intervene: email marketing, social media, offline advertising… Moreover, to this complex process we have to add the lapse of time that passes from the first step to the last one on the route to conversion, since we know from experience that the consideration phase is long in the education sector.

This is often an added difficulty in measuring the success of campaigns, since it is difficult to assess the influence of a channel on the user's final decision.

Thanks to our experience in the industry, we have solutions to this problem. We must define, together with the client, an attribution model that fits the business and thus measure real results, which can be carried out through the import of offline conversions or from CRM.

We generate efficient leads for your company

We attract the most suitable users to the best website to ask for information

During the process of attracting students, commercial departments can often be overwhelmed by a high volume of low-qualified leads; for example, they do not meet the access requirements of the school.

However, too demanding lead qualification processes, such as complex web forms, can generate rejection in the user, resulting in a low conversion rate.

To optimize the performance, we bet to test different factors in the landing pages with CRO methodology, and work the specificity of queries and keywords.

Benefits of PPC campaigns for Education

Facing the industry seasonality

Careful planning and media plan elaboration, will help to successfully face the specific seasonality in the education sector.

It is necessary to capitalize the investment during high seasonality weeks and work during low seasonality to maximize the acquired students, while the presence of continuous branding exposure is required.

In this way, it allows to clarify the expectations and ensure an optimal overall performance, avoiding the overflow in the months prior to enrollment and the loss of opportunities due to bid strategies that do not adapt to the situation.

Better geographical investment distribution

In the education sector, due to student displacement, customer acquisition is not limited to the geographical area in which the center is located. In addition, recruitment opportunities may arise in new cities or countries of origin.

On some occasions, and always assessing factors such as the volume or history of the campaigns, the breakdown of campaigns at a geographical level is required.
This allows budgets to be dynamized geographically, allocating more investments to the most profitable regions and controlling market openings.

Understanding and adapting to the students motivations

Competition grows exponentially in the education sector with the inclusion of online studies in physical centers and the emergence of new purely digital educational institutions.

In this environment, flexibility is required, being necessary to understand the motivations of the student and make the most of each campaign.

We do not limit ourselves to an advanced study of the keywords and a continuous optimization at the keyword level. We analyze too the behavior of the users in the target websites to increase conversion rate through CRO processes. Clarity in messages avoids unproductive investments

Continual improvement. Sales increase.

Keep improving is our roadmap

Every day we keep improving in order to provide the best service to our customers. Not only responding to their current needs, but trying to anticipate possible setbacks that may arise.

We are nonconformist by nature. We seek to be the best in PPC, improve our processes continuously, investigate all the news and read the latest news. We are at the forefront of the PPC world for the business to take advantage of it.

Closeness to the customer is one of our main values

Throughout our relationship, we work to learn about your business more and more everyday in order to be able to offer you much more value and become true partners.

In addition, your business and our experience in digital advertising platforms will result on a major PPC campaign success. Trust us and focus on your business.

Certifications that demonstrate our knowledge

We take training seriously, so being updated on the advertising platforms is a priority.

We are highly certified in Google Ads platforms, YouTube, Analytics, Facebook Ads. This allows us to apply the latest novelties to our customers and obtain the best results in advertising investments.

Continual CRO improvement by testing

We do not limit ourselves only to Digital Advertising, we also improve web design to achieve an increase in the conversion rate (CRO)

Digital advertising allows increasing the number of potential customers who can visit your website.
However, to carry out a continual website design improvement will allow your website visitors to fall in love and become customers.

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