Power learning speed

Make your team learn faster and get the most appropriate knowledge for the business. In addition to training we accompany the team with the implementations during the project period.

Invest with confidence to grow faster

We are specialists in the best platforms to get the most out of digital advertising investments (Google Ads, Facebook, Kenshoo, Criteo,...). This will make you invest with more confidence, squeeze digital advertising and grow faster.

Fully adapted training

Each business is different and each team has different knowledge; that's why after analyzing the business and the team, we create a training plan totally tailored for your team and business.

Our inCompany PPC training covers multiple needs



The first steps must be the firmest ones.

InHouse Teams

InHouse Teams

Teams that need another point of view and make a U turn on its strategy.

Recycling capabilities

Recycling capabilities

Innovation is frantic, and your team may have lagged behind.



Teaching the most important things is essential to guarantee profitability for SMEs with limited resources.

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Launch of a startup or new company

Without firm steps in PPC your project may not work.

We know what it is to start a new company. The first steps in young projects, whether a Startup or a small company are critical for its success.

Digital advertising can help you reach your goals faster, but it requires investing money that could be a very high amount. This is where the problem lies, fiddling with investments of hundreds or thousands of euros can mean the ruin for a company.

That is why with our inCompany training we put a specialized consultant in digital advertising next to your team, to ensure the steps taken are firm and your project benefits from a business acquisition channel that can be the most important

With our inCompany trainings we carry out a double job: on the one hand we train from a theoretical point of view, but on the other hand we accompany from the practical point of view so that the concepts that are learned under our umbrella can be successfully applied.

Renew or die

Because 4 eyes see more than 2

The internal team of your company may have managed advertising campaigns with relative success for a long time (may be up to years). However, this is not a guarantee of success or obtaining maximum return on investments. Why? Due to the simple fact of working only on a single project for so long and not recycling enough its knowledge.

Digital advertising platforms change constantly, and it is easy to stay behind and miss totally disruptive updates that can mean the success or failure of the project. Likewise, there is more and more competition and more specialized people, so renewing and refreshing knowledge is essential to compete against the most advanced competition.

We can help your team to renew knowledge, learn about the latest features, learn our tricks and/or give fresh air to long-term advertising accounts.

New skills for multifunction professionals

Learning from everything is complex, that's why we help companies to do it faster and with more confidence

If there are profiles in your company that pertrain multiple functions in the company, such as online and offline marketing managers, these people will have problems to learn efficiently and without mistakes.

Our specialized consultants, after analyzing the training needs of the team, as well as the business typology, will define a training porject so that the team receiving the training get the most out of the interaction with our team. That's the only way you can apply the most impactful changes and strategies for the business.

Benefits of VIVA! training inCompany

Based on business needs

The first thing we do is analyze the business, and based on this and the knowledge of the team, we define the modules that make the most sense to focus on, to maximize the return on investment of the digital investments.

100% practical

A 100% practical approach. Obviously you have to teach and review concepts not known or poorly learned. But the best learning occurs when the tasks taught are implemented, and the results are reviewed and the actions carried out are optimized. With our tutelage, companies apply new concepts with greater guarantees of success.

Weekly tracking

During the period of the project lasts, the consultant or designated consultants (depends on the modules selected, different people will be needed or not) will follow up on all the actions that are implemented, and will correct along with the team those that do not work in the expected way.

Focused on results

Our goal is to provide business outcomes. We train and we guard the implementation of strategies with the sole purpose of having a positive impact on the business of the projects for which we work.

Different platforms and skills

Google Ads, Facebook, Youtube, Analytics and Measurement of online business, Operational Productivity, Tag Manager, User Experience, ... According to the needs, a tailored plan will be made based on the team's training needs.

Specialized business consultants

Our consultants are specialists and have a valuable experience in multiple web projects. Depending on the needs of the project, the most appropriate consultant will be chosen to maximize the expected results of the project.

Custom Time Frame

We recommend at least 8 training/consulting sessions. However, this period may be more or less depending on the approach we want to give to the project. They are also totally flexible and moldable plans as the project progresses.

Fully adapted modules

We get adapted to the needs of the team to be trained. We select the modules based on the specific needs of the people to be trained. These modules are taught by expert consultants on each subject.

Different levels (beginner, medium, ninja)

Being fully adapted trainings, we adjust the level to the needs of each team. If you are a beginner we start with the most basic knowledge, and through the implementation of what has been seen in each session, we will progress based on team improvement.

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